A new product of our own, 120 litre waste container, was added to our range of products in 2018. The containers are manufactured in accordance with standards EN 840-1, EN 840-5, EN 840-6, PAH, RAL-GZ 951, Directive 2000/14/EC, GS MARK standards, and have CE marking.

The waste containers are available in different colours according to the requirements of waste management public service.


We specialise in producing large quantities of parts for household appliances. We have considerable technical knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of injection moulding and are committed to continuous improvement. As a stable supplier of our multinational manufacturing partners, our company has marked its presence in all areas of household product manufacturing. Our expertise in materials technology and our laboratory make it possible for us to provide our partners with top quality products. We place strong emphasis on efficiency, thus automation and waste recycling are priority aspects in our plants. 

Our plants are equipped with new and state-of-the-art injection moulding machines and additional equipment.


The manufacture of food packaging is one of our company’s core activities. We mainly use PET, as it has become the most common raw material used for production of bottles.



We have significant resources and sufficient experience in the field of industrial assembly. Our assembly facilities have also undergone improvements in order to ensure the most efficient possible product assembly. Thereby, it is also to our advantage that we can provide complex services to our partners; our assembly service of the parts produced in our plants represents a higher plateau of similar services in the market.

Furthermore, our services include trimming, pad printing, and embossing of injection moulded parts, by which products can be made unique.

Our well-equipped laboratory, where skilled and educated laboratory professionals work, further contributes to the added value of our products. Continuous quality control checks and colour measurements, in close connection with the injection moulding, are carried out in the laboratory. Our colleagues developed the whole technology during the introduction of the new product.

Besides design services, we can also offer other services, including introduction of new technology and technical planning, to our clients. We have provided services of technologization to several manufacturers in Hungary.